8D NETWORK is a business organization birthed on January 2018 on KNUST campus with a seven-member Executive in charge of its administration. Prior to the brand’s inception, we succeeded in bringing a group of University guys together to organize a Pre-SHS classes during the long semester break period of 2017 academic year in Obuasi.

8D Network exists as a network and hence its peculiarity is hinged on its multi-functional purpose all under one umbrella. We seek to bring together problems recognized in the society under the various structures of our operation with the aim of tackling it through quality service by skilled personnel with a give-to-society mindset and heartset.

Presently, we seek to establish and form a formidable house operating under the structures of Advertisement, Education and Event Organizing. The idea to start up business under these structures was as a result of the recognition of dearth under each of these structures.

The establishment of 8D Network was on the premise of a need or dearth it recognizes in the society and as such seeks to solve it. The three structures we seek to establish presently are to reform and to redefine
advertisement, education and event organizing in the specific domains. All other additions will be on this premise as well- recognition of a dearth in the society and the pursuit to gratifying it.