The True Message of Relevance

Today let’s sound a message
The true message of impact and relevance
That teaches men to live worthwhile lives
And yes there’s a life worth living
It is in living for God and man

Giving away self to live for selves, it taught me
Now I’ve given myself away
My life bearing fruits for lives
Less of myself and more of others
Living for lives and despairs
Hopes tied in a coat
Flesh against flash
Ego against humanism
Fate against faith
Date against rate
An unending battle it seems
A battle ever fought
A battle rarely won!

Today I sound the true message of impact and relevance
Impacting lives with my life
Rekindling hopes and aspirations
Even the African hope
Oh that there shall be a re-rising of the African dream
Igniting the ever-living hope
A hunting history
Ever rewriting
The true hope we seemingly chase
And at dusk it fades
Yet never reached

At the dawn of a new day is an emerging ray of light
The rays of hope;
An omen of goodness
Teaching and leading us to the life worth living
And in it we find relevance
The relevance that awes the heart and sounds in our hearts the joy of satisfaction
Which we found by living for lives!

Written By: Asamoah Eli


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