Hot Cake Programs In KNUST

KNUST is a top public university located in the garden city of Ghana, Kumasi. It has over the past few decades pride itself as the nation’s top-notch science and technology university and has been one of the best universities in the sub-Saharan region of West Africa. The Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology hosts a blend of both local and foreign nationals and has a student population of over 35,000. The university offers diverse programs of study for diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Prospective students feel excited and expectant when they know they are a step further getting into this university. Despite all the excitement and curiosities, one vital thing comes into play; one’s program of study. One needs to be decisive and circumspect with greater dependency on passion, abilities and commitment. Society also has a greater influence on an individual’s choice of program. This can be attributed but not limited to peer influence, the will to please parents or family and the resource(s) available including finances and facilities to harness their program of study.

The rationale behind this write-up isn’t about what influences one’s decision on choosing a program to pursue, rather it’s a survey on the five most prestigious programs of study in KNUST. This article by no means disrespects any program; all programs offered by the university are equally important.

The order of arrangement is in accordance to students’ responses and ratings of the various programs in KNUST; those they deem to be ‘hot cakes’

  1. Human Biology (Medicine)

The first on the list of is human biology (medicine) popularly known on campus as ‘medico’. This program owes its prestige mainly due to the fact that only students with straight A1 (Brilla) from high school meet the admission requirements and often get the opportunity to study the program. Even upon admission, further interviews and series of entrance exams are conducted to get the very best pursue the program. The Ghanaian society also has some form of societal prestige attached to people who earn up becoming doctors. Every family in Ghana wishes to have a doctor so you can see how prestigious this program goes even beyond the borders of KNUST. Medicine encompasses the study of the human body, the problems it’s subject to and how to cure them. Despite the so-called prestige, there is a high job security; the profession is also highly demanding in Ghana for safe, reliable and efficient health care delivery.

2. Electrical Engineering

Well, if your thought about medicine being the ‘hottest cake’ in KNUST, then you have it all wrong. Not all straight A1 students opt to read human biology. Yea, those who are exceptionally good at mathematics and physics go to the field of engineering; of course, it’s not just any engineering program but the exceptionally exclusive ELECTRICAL engineering. Human biology students often troll their colleague science students reading this program as ‘medico rejects’. This is because majority of the students reading electrical engineering per their personal conversations with friends reveal that on their scale of preference, Medicine was actually their first choice, followed by electrical engineering. A vast number of electrical engineering students make 7 A1s’ out of the expected 8 A1s’ usually required for the medical school. Nevertheless, you don’t wanna go near this engineering program if your physics is that of a kindergarten pupil learning how to read the alphabets. ‘Engine math’ as they popularly call it will haunt you. KNUST Electrical engineering is arguably the largest and most diverse field of engineering, dealing in research and design, application, and manufacture of systems and devices that use electric power and signals. The department has up to date laboratories and know-how which makes the program prestigious for both undergraduate and graduate levels. An electrical engineer is a very rewarding career, however, you must adapt to all changes, from Codes that you must follow, to equipment, such as; Fire Alarm System, Security Systems. Codes are always changing; therefore, you must be informed of all changes.

3. Law

The first-degree law (LLB) offered in KNUST is one of the most competitive programs in the university. The law faculty is a school within a university. Not only is the program competitive, students reading this program often pride themselves with their colorful black and white uniform. Successful students end up becoming legal practitioners who strengthen the judiciary arm of government.

4. Petroleum Engineering

With the discovery of black gold (crude oil) in Ghana, the oil and gas industry is fast growing and has become very lucrative. Petroleum engineering encompasses oil exploration, designing mechanisms for drilling crude oil, efficient refinery process and storage systems. Students who pursue a professional career in this field are highly paid and enjoy mouth watery work compensations. These and many more make petroleum engineering one of the most prestigious courses in KNUST.

5. Actuarial Science

Actuarial science cannot be left on our list. This is arguably one of the most demanding and difficult program of study in KNUST. The program covers interdisciplinary courses ranging from advance mathematics, probability, accounting, economics, financial mathematics and life contingencies. Students are required to very good at mathematics before they enroll for the program. Professional actuarists (actuarial scientists) are required to pass the professional exams to widen their scope of job employment. Successful students land jobs in the banking industry, insurance companies, data mining and database administration. Although the program is prestigious and rewarding, don’t be tempted by the financial rewards if you aren’t good at math. Actuarial Science is pretty much applied math, probability and risk assessment combined into one.

Written By: Eunice Asante


3 thoughts on “Hot Cake Programs In KNUST

  1. Excellence is not about grades but impact. With all these why is mother Ghana still struggling?
    Please think right n Those courses are when it comes to schooling but not education

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