The Gracious Captain

I might never stand to tell it all of your goodness
So I leave words
Which lives forever

As passengers entrust their lives to the pilot of their planes
Against violent storms
And against thunder
Having no knowledge of the route
Yet we can be assured to reach our destinations

Oh how then is it difficult to trust God and his word ?
When he’s the greatest Pilot
And the greatest captain

The greatest captain I know
When in His ship
Shipwreck will not fail to visit
Nor will pirates fail to attack
Fear and discouragements might show up also
But in it all we are unmoved
And confident in our Captain
You know why?
We sure will get to the destination safely
We are not bothered how He’s going to do it
We just know He will
And sure we got to the destination

We asked,
Captain why did you permit the pirates to attack?
And why did you permit the shipwreck?
Then sounded a gentle and lovely voice in my heart;
You live to trust me always this way !

Oh how a good Captain you are!
You don’t just get me to my destination
You teach me to trust you in hard times
And at all times!
Precious Holy Spirit
The Great Captain you are
How I love you

Written By: Asamoah Eli

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