Stand Out

No man loves to lose in life. No man loves to be defeated. No man loves to know he’s “messed up” in a way… all these are sincere yet unconsciously false and debatable truths. It takes great courage to admit these statements. Admittance to these statements are very essential in the life of every individual. This is because they commence the true language that indeed one wants to live his ultimate self. Naturally, man is made to oppose and fight anything directed and pointed out to him which communicates a certain form of negative and child like attitude. The first resort is to fight these accusations and defend why it is other wise and that that particular judgement is inaccurate and false. You might be right. You might have a good point to prove; it’s all good. You could have a sound mind as an individual yet if a good number of people think you’re insane, wisdom demands that you listen to their views and try knowing why their conclusion. In a society where one person feels you’re an ass, it’s good. If two people feel you’re an ass, it’s all good too. If it ever turns out that three or more people feel that also, hey, this is not the time to fight. You better consider and scrutinize their views. The only way to improve in life is to know what you’re doing wrong today. It is wisdom to take a pause in your life at certain times and just reflect on your actions and inactions. When it comes to you as feedback from people, no matter how hard it might be presented, accept it and work on getting better at that. In a community of pride of lions, it is very dangerous if all your colleague lions view you to be an antelope. One of these days, you are going to be their meat. You don’t belong there! You either leave them or you learn to fit in.
This is not meant to rebuke “standing out” in the society. Just make sure that in your bid to standing out, you don’t become an antelope amongst a pride of lions. That’s not smart.
True maturity is in coming to a place in your life that you can admit to yourself that; I am wrong, this was unwise of me, I messed up! It is the only way you can build admirable character for self. “A good name is better than riches,” always know.

Written By: Asamoah Eli


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