Black Revolution

In the wailings of a black soul;
And in the murmurings of a dying and a despaired one in sole;
The ever heard utterances of grievances
Ever said yet never enough:
Intentions clear but ever misunderstood
Trembling voices amidst incessant screams
Screams as of forceful murmurings
Never again! Never again! Never again

The black skin man will do better
Enough of blaming everyone but ourselves
Be it the dawning of a new day
And in it we sound the true message of hope
Finally, there is the awakenings of the true message;
A message that had never been shut
Delivered as words
Heard as sounds

A future unborn yet seemingly helpless
An innocent generation
Affected by our every action
The fears we imposed on ourselves
Settling for mediocrity
Scared by uncertainties;
Lowered to the undeserving certainty we afforded

Just like desperate confused souls warming pews have we been
But today births the soundings of a new message;
The true message of hope
That lives to satisfy the African dream
Now are we masters of our own destinies
Architects of our future
Be it the dawning of a new day
The black man will do better;
And ye! we deserves better!

Written By: Asamoah Eli


Image credit: socialist review

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