Polish Till You Shine

Prior to getting admission to the university, I had thought of devoting my all to my choice of programme. However, it turned out not to be the case. I grew up in this student community, nurtured and equipped myself with extracurricular activities which had countless and nonpareil benefits. My days in the university has been one of the greatest experiences in my life; simultaneously engaging myself in multiple ventures and also getting on course with the main reason for going to school were more than a challenge; a challenge which continually sorted out the best in me.
Now to the young undergraduates, graduates and colleague workers, we’ve got to acknowledge reality and use it for our advantage. Many a time, we fail to admit this reality. On the other side, life can always be perfect when we realize this truth and act accordingly. From personal experiences and the couple of encounters I’ve had with diverse calibers of people, I did come with the conclusion that as a student, your certificate does not guarantee you a job, it works but for a selected few! The certificates are important, but what you can do is more important.

Now the question that challenges and keeps me exploring has always been this: “if my certificate does not earn me a job, is it tantamount to disappointment or failure in life”? Certainly not! I’ve got a whole lot of avenues to explore and develop my potentials.
Your first degree is but one out of a million step. What lies ahead has got more than enough to make you successful.
Gone were the days when you would obtain a first degree and more than a thousand job did await you. Today, it is not. Times have change
To us the fast growing youth, we’ve got to try something new by utilizing our greatest asset; the mind.
The mind is capable of identifying problems which I call opportunities, and at the same time has the power to enable us engineer solutions to the said problems. Remember, a successful man is a problem solver!

Less complains, less dependence on goverment but more positive action. You can create your own world, with or without government support. Challenge yourself with something new, go the extra mile, create your own job(s) if the need be and become your own CEO. It’s definitely not easy but it’s achievable.

Establish a network of individuals who can turn your life around positively. This is very crucial. We all have got our circles and have our own crew. If your crew members are the clubbing type, you know where your life is headed. If they’re the investment minded, you do same. It goes on and on and on and on..

The likes of Carnegie, J.P Morgan, Vanderbilt, Rockefeller and many others begun from nowhere and ended somewhere. The only thing that draws you back is none but your very self.
Let’s try something new, make impact and live the reality.

Written By: Yeboah Kankam


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