Rhymes of Life

I woke up in Mars

A desire for grants
And I was asked for brants
In the assembly of ants
To make it count
No rants!

Guy relax, no taunt
Just a plan to plant
Try as much to taint
And I will still excel by the blood paint
My Lord made me a saint
Trust me you can’t make me faint

Yesterday I dreamt
I had put on a mask
Full of marks
When I had not worked my maths
Now I’ve got to find my maps
Just then I was forced to sit on my ass
And be judged by the mass
Fortunately I woke up in mars

For this I deserve applause
Hey let me pause
Don’t ask me the cause
I chose to pursue my course
Pelosh play me some cords
As I admire the iPods
Away with the odds
And opts
It won’t break pots
But it might leave spots
Life is all sports
Don’t bring in the corps
Or you better fly into the copse
I would have to find your corpse
Whilst I pray I’m not copped
What if I made a sound of clop?
I repeat it and I have a clop-clop

Written By: Asamoah Eli


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