Live That Dream!

They try to kill your passion

They try to shatter your dreams

They did envy the precocious you

But you said, ” I’m well focused and my vision is still in motion, my backing is sovereign from the man up there”

When you realize the only true friend you’ve got is yourself, all you do is to work hard, forget the haters and prove critics wrong

This is the original impetus for self-development

The good earth is rich and has more than enough to offer you

Why waste time to judge that which is right and wrong?

Can’t you realize you do waste too much time and zeal on many unproductive ventures?

Time wasted they say is money wasted!

Count those moments one by one

Reminisce those years day by day, then you’ll see how wasteful life has been

But it is never too late until it’s late

Yesterday is gone, yea gone forever

Today you’re saying I’m gonna do it tomorrow

Little did you know tomorrow as the saying goes never comes and even it does, you cannot promise yourself any good

Yesterday never promised you good, today is here, no promise of good either and so with tomorrow

The reality lies in moments

Moments where you seize every single opportunity and make gold out of it

When you see good in the worst while the pessimist sees the direct opposite

Be hungry for more as Oliver who always asks for more

Be ‘greedy’ for self-accomplishment and self-development

The heat is always on, the marathon is getting harder, the racers are panting profusely but the prize sits comfortably and waiting patiently to be handed over to he who rightly deserves

Fight the good fight and complete that race

Written By: Yeboah Kankam


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