Never Too Important

When Andrew Carnegie was building steel empire

And Bill Gates building Microsoft

Brands that will affect million lives

Successful stories I’ve lived my life reading

All happened when I knew not I existed even

My sweat never involved

My intellect non existing

People made him his success

Nothing I added up to it

Yet it happened

Why then do I think of myself that people won’t make it without me

Or the success of others need my permission

Oh my helpless poor thoughts!

Spare me this confused arrogance Lord!

Knowing this;

Everything I do

I do it as a privilege it is

Knowing that there is always a better someone

I choose to call it honor

The honor to live an impact in lives

An impact that will transcend generations

Making successes possible

Not because I was too good for it

But because I made myself valuable for it

“I’m never too important

I’m only privileged and lucky to help write a success story

And leave an impact”

Lord embed in my heart this truth, Never let me lose conscious of it

Lest I crush myself with pride and the relevance never my reality

Today I live

According to each day the privilege it is

And each moment the blessed I am

Written By: Asamoah Eli


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