A Deep Arsenal of Ambition

Wants and Ambitions are unlimited; man is ambitious by nature.

Our society considers great ambitions as a thing negative, because they mistake this characteristic for greed or allure of power. However, this is not the case. It’s just the desire to escape mediocrity.

We all have this perception at certain point in time. Why? Because we are afraid to see where our own ambition can take us.

We all have ambitions in life to achieve and impact others, yet these ambitions crash in their early stages with fear causing us to give up.

Ambition is that which sets us with a strong desire to achieve something unique in life.

Ambition gives us a sense of direction, steered goals and target pursuits in life.

Why don’t you identify your ambitions and work on them?

We all have ambitions. Set your priorities right and then you will discover your ambitions. I think being ambitious requires five major doings;

– setting goals in life: the purpose of life is life of purpose. But to have purpose is setting the right goals on a piece of paper not just by words of mouth. It helps to review it when necessary

– willing to take risk: some of us are risk averse, others are risk lovers. The latter have the willingness to take risk in other to achieve the stated goals in life.

– avail yourself to new ways of thinking: new ideas always comes with scepticism, so is new way of thinking. But without opening yourself to the new way thinking how will you know the benefits in New things;

– compete with yourself, not others: set standards for yourself not with others. Desist being in the rat race and have time to develop your personal capabilities.

– surround yourself with ambitious people.: surrounding yourself with positive thinkers affect your way of thinking likewise is surrounding yourself with ambitious people.

Written By: Emmanuel Adjei


Gif source: work-mammoth.

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