Haunted Realities

In the groanings of a disturbed soul

Is the pouring out of anxiety and a heart soaked

With bleedings covered by a cloak

Disappointments and expectations stroked

Perfections afar only crooked

The reality we fear proficiently coaxed

Covered by a tongue smeared

Smeared with “faithful” lies

Lies that won our hearts

Seemingly mounted by fate

Yet disregarded with hate

Perfections afar becoming ever-chasing imperfections

Blinded by our own expectations

The faithful and gentle lies that we gave in to

And the scary hearts covered with beautiful bodies we never realized

Haunted realities rarely imagined all around

Oh a pierced soul:

A pure heart turned coal:

Indifferent from a foal

Who can hear my cry

Before my tears dry ?

Do not be blinded by your own imposed expectations

Your expectations from afar never any right!

Everything is beautiful from afar. The person you admire from afar: That organization you longed to work for:

That church you think is perfect;

it is only admirable, beautiful and perfect because you’ve not face it as it really is yet.

Just love and revere things

Not because of what you see

But because you choose to.

Written By: Asamoah Eli


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