You’ve Gotta Change

Anyone who enjoys doing the same thing over and over and yet expects a different answer could only be termed foolish. This is why we preach for change.

A man who always preach for change is not quick to adapt, because they are often scapegoat for any dissatisfaction.

Everyone understands the need for change in their progress, yet we never fail to exhibit our character as creatures of habit; enjoying our comfort and will do everything possible to escape uncertainties.

Scepticism is in connection with new ideas. Yes, the past is powerful. What has happened before seems great but perhaps we need a little twist today to make it greater.

Our human psychology consists of many dualities; one that values the essence for organisations and people to change and another who is always irritated and upset by changes when directly affected.

We all know change is necessary and relieve us from boredom but deep inside us all, we might cling to the past. Gone are the days when men depended on communication centres for important calls but now we do them right at our comfort zones.

Gone are the days we journeyed several miles to explore places outside our scope to explore geography under demand and at times out of men’s inquisitiveness to explore knowledge. Evolution of technology has made this a thing of the past also, replacing it with Google maps in our pockets at all times.

Change in the abstract, we desire, but change that upsets core habits and routines are deeply disturbing.

When the masses inevitably yearn for the past experiences in organizations and from individuals, we need to realise the past is just a text which need to safely insert our own lines to suit the change we advocate.

In conclusion, change is inevitably an uncomfortable discipline to master, nevertheless, how fast you excel in life and in any venture is dependent on how quick you respond to change. It is a choice to make; choose right!

Written By: Snr. Emmanuel Adjei


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