Value Your Own

Wishes carried on a tray

Not long after it fray

Oh God this only one I pray

And it will begin my days of play

Longings in the secrecy of heart

Desires buried in silence land I unearth

And oh the tears of seas

That only God sees

Inside the heart of a gentle soul;

The sheer ecstasies and fallacies in sole

Today I write of

What I had I never valued

One afar I passionately wished for, even another’s

Everything was wrong with mine

Everything was right about what I longed for from afar

Another was lucky to have that

I’m unfortunate for mine

It was beautiful from afar

Unfolding before me was the potency of desire I barely knew of

What seemeth afar drew close

Every nigh and night

My desires serving me as will a knight

What I didn’t know;

The sun’s beauty from afar

Doesn’t make it all beautiful within

From afar we chase

We draw close and we wished for the distance

Hunted by what we were running from

The long embraces of the cyclic pasts

Long enough to forever seem to last

Inside silence is the buried words for a million page book

Today I return to tell a tale

A tale that will leave trails

Setting men to sail

Of the distance deception I reveal

And that I say;

Value your own

Written By: Asamoah Eli


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