Just Do It

An Aunt’s love for ants

She will never advice except for an ice

Today’s tale began on her pale

It’s a tale I must trail

Today I will sing

And will hope it sink

Today is sunny

Today is warmth

Today I’m strong

I know I could do it today

But I can do it tomorrow also

Why not do it tomorrow?

Today I let go

Tomorrow I shall do it

Tomorrow is not mine to predict

I’ve got to make it today

But a little more sleep I longed

A little more play I prayed

I fail to take opportunity of today

Hoping tomorrow will be today’s synonymous brother

I left it to chance tomorrow

When I had control over it today

I’ve got to worry about tomorrow

I’ve got to fill my mind with anxiety

I left it to chance; I left it to whim

I failed to see that today is the present

And that I can see and control

I should have known

I couldn’t tell it all tomorrow

It might be sunny today

But it might not always be sunny everyday

I am strong today

But I might not be strong tomorrow

Why not do it whilst I’m certain I can?

Today I live

Living to take control whilst I can

Written By: Asamoah Eli

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