So Much To Live For

In the deep

Where everything is dark and quiet

Perhaps unheard

When men birth tales

Tales untold

Tales of great and murmured longings

In the forests of heart

Dying hopes

Unsatisfied longings

Many a need

And ever exceedingly wants

Needs of family

And of love and of life

Just these satisfied needs and life would be eased

And burdens will be lifted

Ohh sheered deceitful hopes Amidst unfazed wishes

We never live to know and accept

Agreeing to it to be fate

What happened to faith?

Like the Inspired word recorded

With your eyes you shall see Canaan

But never your footsteps be buried in its sands

Aspirations against ‘fucked’ reality

Hope against weak thought conceptions

Crushed dreams

Life seemingly presenting the choice of mediocrity

Against wishes and esteems

Who do we run to?

And what do we run for?

Now before me are choices

The choice many make

Perhaps in the wake

Against desires and wishes

A battle rarely won

But against all odds I choose to live Living for hopes and not popes

Against crushed souls and critics

Even pessimists and the tenacious-ridden offs!

On the inside is a blazing glow

Steering us to grow

Making the difference

And in it is a buried confidence

Ohh now I know;

So much to live for!

Written By: Asamoah Eli


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