The Meaningful Life

A meaningful life is in the freedom to live your own life and not somebody’s life, dreams or aspirations for you. It is easy to fake living; it is easy to try imitating everybody. It is easy to speak the language of every man. It is easy to live life to meet the demands of family, society and the status quo.

There’s nothing special about all that. A meaningful life is in taking the decision not to be like anyone, but your true self.

A meaningful life is one that competes with itself to become a better person each day.

A meaningful life stems out of the freedom to realize true and highest self.

There is never a satisfaction in life outside realizing the real you and becoming the best you can at all times.

It might not be easy; It has never been easy! But let the joy of realizing true satisfaction after you’ve become your true self, drive you to walk that walk.

When you have come to the end of the road, you will have a course to smile as you look back

Live life of your own

Decide to live a meaningful life!

Do not settle for less

Do not live life pleasing others;

There is no honor in that

True honor is realized when you’ve found and lived self!

Live your dreams

Live the meaningful life

And realize true satisfaction

Written By: Asamoah Eli


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