There Are No Roses Without Thorns

There is no success without failure

There is no learning without mistakes

There is no investment without loss

There is no found without lost

Yet, we have hoped that one day things will be better.

There is no smoke without fire

There is no flood without water

There is no reap without sow

There is no rain without lightening

We should remember that everything has a cause.

There is no love without hate

There is no laughter without tears

There is no courage without fear

There is no light without darkness

In our greatest despair, we should not think of our emotions but use our emotions to think. We should choose love over hate, courage over fear, light over darkness.

There are no roses without thorns is a proverb that should remind us that, no matter how happy we are, there is always some little touch of disappointment.

Written By: Emmanuel Owusu Adjei


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