Conquer Failure

I read that a university in Africa planned a demonstration against the administration body, and of course they had a good number of reasons to. The morning of the intended demonstration, the Vice Chancellor ordered every lecturer to organize a quiz that morning, and that was it; the demonstration was sabotaged. All students ran to their various lecture halls.

I call these students very weak. Why are we made to believe failure is an evil thing? We have so many people settling for mediocrity just for the fear of failure. People with great ideas fail to take a step out just for the fear of failure; we are forced to settle for less at all times.

What worst thing could have happened if those students pursued their beliefs and shunned the class quizzes? They might trail semester exams, resit it and write it and they sure would pass if they would have passed the previous one. This was too much an evil enough to scare off a whole university students from pursuing their beliefs. A Vice Chancellor who is expected to produce great people for society in turn imprison his students minds with the fear of failure. Very sad and unfortunate!

Failure is not evil. Avoiding failure means avoiding success and at best, mediocrity is all life will offer you.

It is high time the African mind is emancipated. No successful person ever made it in life without encountering failure. Great successes come about as a result of the freedom to fail. Failure is great.

On the road to success, you will meet a great teacher, his name is failure. Don’t be scared of him; learn all the lessons he will teach you and your success will undeniably come to pass.

Written By: Asamoah Eli


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