Life Puzzles

What we made them believe we are:

What we never were

What we said we are made of:

What never knew us

The battles we claim we fought:

The battles we never saw

What we fell in love with:

Who we didn’t fall in love with

Oh what we think we know:

What we know nought

The answers we seek:

The questions we never asked

The future we dream:

Yet never created

The honor we want:

The submission we never gave

The greatness we aspire:

The seed we never sow

What life offered us:

That we claim we never bargained for

The fruits we reaped:

The seeds we ignorantly sowed

The mistakes of others we mocked:

The victims we ended up to be

The darkness we detest:

It birthing light we love

The weakness we abhor:

The indiscipline we exercised

The puzzles of life we missed:

The knowledge we never pursue

Oh the God we think we know:

The God we know nought

The life we want:

The life we don’t understand

The fame we seek:

The value we failed to recognize!

The success we admire

The wishes we never made happen

When we heard no:

When we failed to interpret it meant not now

Failure meant nothing

We gave up to make it meaningful

The hypocrites we are:

The Angels we present ourselves to be

Another’s weakness we proudly criticize

Our own weakness never any better

A worse sin:

All sins are sins

People we didn’t know:

Their true self we were blind to see

The Angels we sought for:

Our own devils we were

Life’s games:

The fun we missed

The more we want:

The appreciation we never gave

What we want:

What we failed to sacrifice

What we celebrated:

What was not worth it

Our true self:

We never realized

Oh life’s puzzles:

Sheered longings

A murmured longing!

Written By: Asamoah Eli


Image credit: Brian Almeida

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