Believe You To Be

In a world where everyone can be anything they say

Yet people have got dreams created for you

And what they would want you to be in their minds

They create the future they will want for you

Family seems to have carved dreams for you

Friends who believe in you

And feels should be looking up to you

Disagree with the paths you are threading

Too many questions to answer

And yes I’ve got the answers

Yet ever misunderstood

My tongue seems to have changed when I try to explain

Or is it their hearing sense that changed

That made them never understood me ?

Oh the lonely road I took

The course you have decided to follow they don’t understand

There is an easier road

It will not offer you all of life’s goodies

But you are assured of much

…In a world where you can be anything

In a world where there’s will

In a world where you have the power to choose

Choose to live your dream

Choose to live purpose

Be yourself!

Live great

Written By: Asamoah Eli


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