The Road Less Travelled

I walked a road

It was all muddy and rough;

It was a hard road

I walked a lonely road

I watched on as everyone took the smooth road by my side

The road was broad enough to accommodate everyone

It had not much roses

But enough for everyone

With this road we know what to expect;

There are no thorns and mud

There’s enough for yourself and family

Beyond that is a fallacy and false wish

A thousand people still walked on

Oh they won’t even wait to gaze on my hard road for a second

I walked a lonely road!

The hard road I took;

I’ve got to explain to everyone

Yet ever misunderstood

Why will you take the road everyone avoids!

A folly of madness

I walked a lonely road

It might be rough and muddy

It might be thorny

But there must be something beyond it no man knew and saw

There might be roses beyond the rough

These roses will bless a million lives

It will bring joy to the hearts of many

It will restore life to the dying soul

It will make me responsible for somebody’s hope and belief in God

Oh the lonely road I walked!

I walked a lonely road

Hard and tough it might be

Yet the joy of impact and blessing I will be to my world and God ultimately

Makes me endure it

So I walk the lonely road

Written By: Asamoah Eli


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