Reach for Greatness

After a long period of hard work

And we are left with relaxing and resting to see the yield and outcome

And yet what seems to be presented to us be ye darkness and uncertainties

We are relaxed

And unshakable

We know the reward of hard work

We know things might seem unpleasant

There might be no sign of rain yet

But hey

It shall surely rain

This is the greatest certainty I found in hard work

Will a hard ground remain hard after several punches from the mallet and axe?

Or will the sky seem bright still after smoking from the earth for long?

After a long day of hard work

Take all the time off to relax and chill

For certainly the reward is showing up

A night experience

Culminating in light

Even Grace

A dream told;

The manifestation of greatness awaits!

A story shared;

The trails of greatness unfolded

Written By: Isaac Eli


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