Many times we’ve prayed

We’ve desired

And even pictured

A life full of roses

And never thorns

A life of incessant Joy

And seldom pain

A thrilling life only

And never a dark day

Of a truth no man loves hard times

But when you decide to live an uncommon life

When you begin to pursue the road to extraordinary

You begin to see things differently

You welcome what the ordinary man will avoid

You don’t rejoice only in good times

But in tough times as well

For tough times come to make you better and stronger

How many a man appreciates the brightness of the brightest lamp when it’s day?

But when there’s darkness

We do see the brightness of the lamp and admire it

And even praise it

When tough times come

It’s an opportunity to manifest what we are made of

The virtues we’ve acquired for ourselves in our closet are brought forth

And unfolded before men is our true identity;

Even the gold we purchased for ourselves in our closet

A golden identity

Manifesting in fire

Uncanny nature

Exhibiting buoyancy

Telling our story

Revealing the glory

Written By: Gideon Asenso Mensah


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