I’ve learnt to Trust in God

Many times I’ve prayed
I’ve desired
I’ve longed for
I never saw them happen
Perhaps during that time
I was down
And felt disappointed
Even in God

But today when I looked back
There’s a certain joy and gratitude that springs forth from my heart
Not because I’ve seen my prayers answered today
But because God never made them happen
When I imagine what a calamity it could have been getting those prayers and desires fulfilled
I mellow
And bow down
And lift up my voice and say
Lord I thank you.

I thought I knew what I wanted and needed
I thought I could love myself more than you do
I forgot you are the all loving God
You loved me without a cause and unconditionally
I might never have agreed to that
But today , looking back
I’m awed by your love

You never answered those prayers But today
I’m grateful you never did
Today I would have wished they never happened
Today I would still have prayed To you to take them away

Today I’ve got a cause to sing along the lines of a musician
…🎼through it all I’ve learnt to trust in Jesus
Through it all I’ve learnt to trust in God🎸

Written By: Isaac Eli


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