He Never Fails!

A sound life
A walk with graces
And Even on roses
Accompanied by the grandeur and fragrance of incessant goodness
And never a reason to dream and consider thorns
Yes thorns
Thorns of frustrations and disappointments
No man prays for

Yet thorny times will surely come
And when they come we do not breakdown and give up
We see an opportunity in it
To manifest the glory of God
And at the end
We have a cause
To sing along the lines of a composer;
If I never had a problem
I will never know my God can solve it
Through it all
I have learnt to trust in Jesus
And I have learnt to trust in God

Why I’m not scared of dark times?
I want to live all my life glorifying God;
For his glory is manifested when tribulations show up
I want to live trusting The Lord Jesus everyday;
I’ve learnt to trust in him in all my tribulations
And in it I see how mighty He is
And how ever loving God, he’s been all my life
And yet I failed to see
Because everything seemed sound
But now I know
He’s the good and powerful God I can’t have enough of

Written By : Kwabena Nyame Jr.


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