I found a thousand bird fly-play in the sky
I admired them all equally
Yet I became stuck to one;
It played differently
It flew not only; it swam also
It’s aerobatics were unique
It veered my attention off all the others
This got me reflecting
I needed a name for it
I ended up calling it value
Yes value!

Nobody saw to admire and appreciate it when it was alone and practicing I believe
This taught me
The virtues we work in our closet
The discipline we give ourselves to
The character we build and form
As hard and too great a discipline it always is
Yet is worth the time and discipline
Time and grace brings out the best in us
Leave it to time; leave it to grace
Give yourself to value
With one thing assured;
Whatever a man sows that shall he reap

This I discovered in God and ever kept me going
Want to know why I read, study, pray, fast, exercise godliness, give myself to building character?
This I found in God ;
Whatever a man Sows he shall reap

Today I’ve got a decision to make
Vast and innumerable they are
Yet I choose this one only
Not because it gives me the greatest relief
But because it will give me the greatest relief

Time will sum up the story one day
Until then,
Pursue God
Go after value
Seek to bless God at peak and impact your world
It’s the reason I live

Written By: Isaac Eli


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