God Our Helper.

In a world where everyone thinks he knows
And has got it all right
In a world where everything seems wrong and misunderstood
The cherished and the abhorred
The wrong and the right
What we think we know;
What we know nought!

There’s a God in Heaven
Who fathers all creation
To the good he’s a father
To the evil he’s a father
He sends rain to the earth
It waters the land of the righteous
Of the evil it does too
Oh the God we think we know
The God we don’t understand

He sends rain to the farmer
He giveth light to them that need it

That all will know
That God always sends help!
To the fatherless He’s a Father
Food to the hungry souls

A God we can’t have enough of
A God who is too big and vast to be consumed all

An infinite God is our helper
His unfailing and incessant love
We’ve never comprehended
Oh sweet a God!

Ask me one thing I love about Him
And I will joyfully say
He always sends help

Written By: Gideon Asenso Mensah


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