Unusual Allies

Some people do what is in their best interest, regardless of who gets hurt. We may get caught up in the crossfires and become victims to these actions.Wounded and hurt are we left, making the victim resolved never to associate with these self-serving offenders.

It is said that the passage of time will heal all wounds, But the greater the loss, the deeper the cut, and the more difficult it is to become whole again. Although the pain may fade, the scars will always serve as a reminder of our suffering This makes the bearer all the more resolved never to be wounded again. So as time moves along, we get lost in distractions, act out in frustrations, react with aggression and given to anger.

In such moments, a choice exists; we can cling to the past or embrace the inevitability of change and allow a brighter future to unfold before us. Such an uncertain future may call for even more unusual allies. Either ways, a new day is coming whether we like it or not. The question is will you control it, or will it control you?

Every change begins with a plan. The success of which depends upon several things; depth of commitment, passion for one’s cause,willingness to embrace a new path, determination to overcome any obstacle and in some cases, even making unusual alliances.

Learn to work with your enemies if need be. Despise the actions of people and not the people themselves.Value the relevance of your relationships with people. Before you realise, the time pain will have passed and you are healed – ready to begin anew.

Written By: Godwyll Agyare


Image Credit: careerintelligence.com

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