The Impactful Life

Life is a journey
And just like every journey it has an end
But then
One thing is important
Just this one;
What did you live for?
Was your life one worth living?
Did you accomplish the dream of God for your life ?

You surely gonna die
People from afar and near
Known and unknown
Will mourn at your funeral
There surely will be crying and wailing
But just a question to ask
What will people mourn you for?
What will people cry over your death for?
What are they going to wail over your death for !

At the end of it all
Men are not remembered because they lived
Neither are they remembered because they once were and yet can’t be found anymore
Men are only remembered for their impact
Life is useless outside of impact

Whose life are you touching ?
Whose stomach has been filled because you decided to go hungry?
Who’s rejoicing because you gave him a reason to ?
Who’s thanking God because you came as an answer to their prayers ?

Who are you impacting with your voice ?
Whose life are you touching with your writing?
Whose relevance is hinged on your riches and money ?

Let it be said of me
That man in whom is seen God
He will not eat until everyone around him is satisfied
Who rejoiced over nothing but that others rejoiced

If I’m to be missed after this life
Let it be
That I’m missed for my love for God and man
Let me be missed for my desire for a better place for all

A life worth living is a life lived for God , Man and the creation
A life worth living is one lived for others .
In this the sun finds its worth
In that the waters find their worth
In this light finds it’s worth
And darkness as well!

Live a life to impact your world
This is the life worth living for
Live life ; Impact lives
Impact your world.

Written By: Isaac Eli


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