Made to be Strong.

Long a walk
Great a distance
Mountains so high
Valleys too deep
Each seeming to distract
And to oppose

In all we have the greatest assurance ;
There’s a God too great
On whose wing we ride
And on whose ship we sail
When thunder strikes
And lightening sets
We are not broken down
We fall yet we stand
We are mocked
Yet there’s an encouragement on the inside which surpasses the mockery

How many a time the distraction wind blows:
How many a time the calamitous rains fall ?
Yet how many are affected?
The weak foundational buildings are pulled down ;
The solid foundation stands

The mockery: the discouragement
The unbelievers: the critics
Don’t they nurture us by producing in us a firm and grounded foundation?

Oh how many a time we are broken down by the discouragement of people
But hey, because they said it’s not possible
Make it possible
Because they said it won’t work
Make it work
Appreciate your encouragers: appreciate your believers
Appreciate those who mock:
It’s all necessary for the formation
You will surely look back one day and say
They made me better and stronger

Sometimes they are needed;
They make the story beautiful

The road to true success never did run smooth
Yet it is worth the walk.

Written by: Isaac Eli


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