Don’t Trust Your Comfort

So I’ve fallen in love with Stonebwoy and his music recently;
I love his music.
But I decided to know him the more
I felt in love the more
A man of character I admire
I found in him.

Losing the functioning of one leg at quite a tender age can be hurtful undoubtedly
Changing circumstances and plans just to adjust and face the present reality
No doubt it is a hefty task
It sure will make you broken hearted
But that’s what God knows how to do best;
He’s the organizer of life!
When hard times come
He organizes them
When good times come
He organizes them
In all, it is towards our ultimate good.

Hearing Stonebwoy say
I thank God for all I ever went through in life; for those experiences and hard times made me strong
It made me who I am today he said
It gave me a thought
How many people fail to meet their potential in life just because of comfort ?
When we are in comfort, we fail to explore and hence pullout all the potentials and capabilities in us.

But when hard times come
They knock hard and say
Hey man !
This is not you
You are bigger and better than this
There’s so much in you the world is waiting for
There’s a continent you must give hope
There’s a generation you can’t fail.
Ask me how many people ever made it to the top in comfort and I might not get you a name ;
Ask me how many people made it to the top by facing hard and dark times
Give me thousand spaces to fill and I will without struggle fill it all
Good times are great;
But hard times are greater when properly optimized
Comfort is good
But it could be a great deception
Don’t trust your comfort!


Written By: Isaac Eli

Image credit : 360nobs

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