Helpers of Destiny

A helper of destiny
Every man will need and needs
As independent as the belly is
Yet will need the buccal cavity to feed it
As independent as the right hand is
Yet can’t wash itself
And will need the left hand’s assistance to wash it
Likewise the left hand will need the right

So is it with men
An independent world
Even an independent life it might seem
Yet we will need another

Oh that old broom tale
My grandma always shared
The broom which in its bid to get the floor clean and tidy
Loses nothing
But rather adds elegance and beauty to itself after all
And we do not admire the beauty of the floor only
We do admire the beauty of the broom also
Beauty in two;
yet one worked

What if men understood this
That we do not men much good than to ourselves
When we pursue to meet their needs
And help achieve another’s dream
We make our lives beautiful also
Remember the old broom’s tale!

A place we agree with the truth
That indeed an one shall conquer a hundred
But a ten shall conquer a thousand

A helper of destiny I am
A helper of my own destiny I become

Written by: Isaac Eli

Image Credit: Activision

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