A Fragile Life

Thoughts disorganized Ever want: occasionally found: never enough Only this one I pray and that I got Another time I prayed only this one Lord And that I ever prayed Each answer opening is up to more questions and wants Oh a fragile life Will we ever get there? As distanced as we are from … Continue reading A Fragile Life

The True Message of Relevance

Today let's sound a message The true message of impact and relevance That teaches men to live worthwhile lives And yes there's a life worth living It is in living for God and man Giving away self to live for selves, it taught me Now I've given myself away My life bearing fruits for lives … Continue reading The True Message of Relevance

Hot Cake Programs In KNUST

KNUST is a top public university located in the garden city of Ghana, Kumasi. It has over the past few decades pride itself as the nation’s top-notch science and technology university and has been one of the best universities in the sub-Saharan region of West Africa. The Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology hosts … Continue reading Hot Cake Programs In KNUST